How can I support CMC Adventure?

We believe that by providing the highest quality outdoor residential courses possible and making these available to as many people as we can, we are able to show God's love to our guests on a daily basis.

Outdoor courses are essential for the complete development of young people. They encourage teamwork, self awareness, confidence, trust, friendship and interdependency - qualities that are all too absent in much of society. We provide these opportunities within the safety of a caring Christian environment. It really does make a difference; I am sure of this having first kayaked at Pensarn Harbour when I was just 13. Over 30 years later, and I am just as excited about kayaking at Pensarn Harbour and the difference that outdoor activities can make to both groups and individuals.

Over the past 50 years, God has nurtured, challenged and developed CMC Adventure into what it is today. A professional, caring and passionate outdoor centre, at the heart of which is its guests and an opportunity to share God's love with them.

We have a fantastic resource in the centre, the equipment and the staff team. It seems to me that it would be a crying shame if it were under utilised or if people were unable to come simply because of financial difficulty.

So what are we asking of you?

  1. Please pray that the people who God would like to visit the centre are able to and that the people he wants to lead the groups find out about the centre. This is the most important thing you can do for us because the groups are the reason we are here. Pray for our staff as they seek to witness and minister to our guests with gentleness and respect on a full time basis.
  2. Bring a group. We want to see the centre busy and fully used; bringing a group to us achieves that and provides much of the financial support that we need. 
  3. Make a presentation to your school, church, college, youth group, etc. Canvass interest in CMC Adventure; see if there are like-minded people who would benefit from a visit. If your group is small, could you join with another in your area and share transport?
  4. Bursary places. Often people contact us to see if we can subsidise one or more places for people who otherwise cannot afford to come. We often do help but that means that we have fewer financial resources to continue to look after and improve the centre. A weekend at CMC Adventure costs £168 and a Monday to Friday would cost £326 (2018 prices). Could you consider a jumble sale, coffee morning, keep a coppers jar or organise a sponsored event to support one or more bursary places? We cannot earmark bursary places for particular individuals but be assured that the income will be used to support the applicant in most need. A stay at CMC Adventure can help to build confidence, self awareness, trust and a sense of teamwork and belonging. These are things much needed in today's world.
  5. Become a Friend of CMC Adventure. CMC Adventure has a large network of Friends who support the centre in countless invaluable ways, including: prayer for the work we do, telling other people about CMC Adventure, helping us to find staff to fill vacancies, bringing groups for residentials and responding to our appeals for necessary maintenance work. Some Friends are able to give financially, and others are able to donate their time and effort to help at our Work Week and AGM - all of which is greatly needed and appreciated! Please contact the CMC Adventure office for more details of how to become a Friend and what it entails.

Here at CMC Adventure, we value your prayers and support greatly. These cost nothing financially and have a tangible and dramatic affect on the day to day life of the centre. That said, sometimes people feel moved to give financially to CMC Adventure to support and improve areas that cannot be financed from course fee income alone. In recent years, we have established sailing as a CMC Adventure activity and built pontoons to improve access to the water. This was only possible because of very generous gifts from our friends and members. Sailing is an exciting, inclusive activity, but more importantly it attracts groups to CMC Adventure where they can be exposed to God's love through the care and service of our staff.

One off gifts, regular donations and legacies are all ways of donating financially to CMC Adventure. It is worth remembering that as a UK tax payer, any donations made under Gift Aid are increased by 25% as a result of reclaiming the tax from the government.  Please contact us for a gift aid form should you need one.

If you would prefer, then you may donate via paypal:


Thank you for taking the time to read this, we look forward to perhaps seeing you at CMC Adventure in the future and we really appreciate your continued interest in our work.

Mark Downey
Centre Director